Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There are many menus on the new site:
  1. Main Top Navigation
  2. Second top
  3. Sidebar
  4. Bottom social network bar
  5. Bottom bar
The sidebar is rather sparse compared to the old site, the top bar is where to find things first. To find department or govt pages that were on the side, you hover over a top menu and then find the dept, another flyout menu for major info, or go to the dept page and look on its sidebar.

Info under the top Department and Residents tab is arranged alphabetically, except Deer Mgt is before Boards and Commissions (guess the latter is too BORING). Info under the Govt tab is arranged hierarchically starting with the Mayor and Council and ending with Boards and Open Records Requests.

I mentioned the main navigation is on a top menu bar and the sidebar has some main items after a changeable part on the top left of the sidebar. 

The first item on the bottom sidebar is the SCA, this will help Joe find his fav opera quickly. You can also find city forms, the notify me page where you can sign up for email or cell phone alerts, and the video site. On the bottom flourish of the left sidebar is a link to economic development page with an upward pointing graph. 

The sidebar has an e-services page that even has a photo gallery, mainly populated by SCA and a few from the Senior Center. Maybe we can look forward to seeing some of our road or storm sewer projects in the future. I'm sure home days will be on there. 

Sewer billing takes a prominent place on the sidebar and is listed as a dept within Public Works, but since its new, maybe they want to make its presence known. 

There's also a social bar near the bottom to share (social bookmarking like Digg), Print, Email (to the city), RSS (a way to receive web page updates in a "RSS reader"), and two more items (Facebook and Twitter) that each go to the same social networking pages that list various dept facebook/twitter links 

Lastly there's the bottom bar of fine print, including the sitemap. and contact us which gives a hierarchical directory (that is also at the bottom of the Resident top tab).

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